Have Meals Delivered to Your Home After Being Discharged from the Hospital

Recovering from a hospital stay should be as stress-free as possible. And worrying about making meals should not be something you have to do. 

Did you know that your Medicare Advantage plan may offer a post-discharge meal delivery service?

If you’re expecting to have an inpatient hospital stay in the near future keep reading for more information about Post-Discharge Meal Delivery Programs.

How do post-discharge meal delivery programs work?

Many people are surprised to find that most Medicare Advantage plans provide a post-discharge meal delivery benefit. 

The program typically allows you to receive 10 to 14 pre-cooked meals delivered to your home after being discharged from the hospital. Not having to prepare meals can be a significant relief when you’re trying to rest and recover. 

And if you’re concerned about potential quality issues, take a look at these photos that a recipient sent in for some peace of mind:

These perfectly packaged meals are a real lifesaver after – especially if your impatient stay has you indisposed for a few days. 

Are post-discharge meal deliveries healthy?

Meal options vary by carrier, but typically you can expect:

The best part?

They’re easy to prepare! Making it hassle-free to have a healthy meal while you’re recovering.

Which carriers offer meal delivery services?

Post-discharge meal delivery benefits vary by carrier and plan. 

If you’re looking for quick access to your carrier’s specific program, below are a few carriers that have information readily available on their websites:

Review your Evidence of Coverage booklet of your Medicare Advantage plan to learn more about post-discharge meal delivery benefits. It typically requires prior authorization. Be sure to complete that process to ensure that you can take full advantage of this excellent benefit.

When you're in recovery you shouldn't have to worry about your Medicare plan benefits. If you have questions about all the benefit options available to you, find a local advisor who can ensure your needs are being met.

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